Experience comfort and well-being

Handmade mattresses since 2005

Experience comfort and well-being

Handmade mattresses since 2005

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Handcrafted production made in Italy
of mattresses in Altamura

Our company Myflex Srl, is a leader in the handcrafted production of Made in Italy mattresses and pillows, manufactured with the guarantee of offering the highest quality of sleep.

Founded in 2005, our company was established after gaining and acquiring considerable years of experience, both professional and work experience in the made-in-Italy handcrafted production of rest systems such as mattresses and pillows.

For over fifteen years in the industry, Myflex is now synonymous with professionalism, expertise and product quality.

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Mattress and pillow factory

Thanks to long experience in the industry, we are able to make the ideal mattress for every need.
For this reason, we use only selected, certified and first-rate materials.


We specialize in designing handmade mattresses Made in Italy.


We make ideal sleeping accessories: quality pillows and mattresses.


We use the best materials: latex and memory foam mattresses.

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Design custom-made mattresses

Craftsmanship, experience, passion, quality, Made in Italy and continuous technological innovation. These are the recurring themes in the history of Myflex Mattresses.

Since 2005, we have been designing products with the sole aim of improving the quality of our customers’ rest.

Tradition and innovation:
the recipe for a perfect mattress

Our mattresses are now found in many homes around the world because we offer an experience of well-being, comfort, constant and careful research using the best and most sought-after raw materials on the market and advanced technologies.

An experience built over time, with constancy, commitment and perseverance of goals, but above all thanks to the employees’ sense of responsibility, their professional and human preparation.

Mattresses with attention to detail

Our company, covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, equipped with the most modern and innovative equipment, thanks to which we can carry out from the simplest to the most complex works.

Production steps are carried out in-house in order to take care of the quality aspect down to the smallest detail.

Strict controls are carried out at the entry of raw materials, and even stricter quality standards for the finished product.

Why choose us

We are a one-stop shop for providing quality mattresses.

Products Made in Italy

Carefully selected products for better rest.


The professionalism of our team attentive to all stages of processing.

Customizable products

Tailor-made products created for each customer with customized materials and finishes.

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